Do you need help incorporating your nutritional recommendations into your daily life?

Are you confused about which products work for your recommended diet?

Are you nervous about planning meals that will work with your new diet?

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If you answered YES to any of these questions, I can help you. Since being a long-term client and now a part of Teri Cochrane Nutrition team, I am familiar with the practice's nutrition plans, recipes and handouts. I know how hard it is to change the way an individual or a family eats - from grocery shopping to cleaning out the pantry, from figuring out how to eat in restaurants to meal planning and cooking. I have done it for myself and for others.

Choose from a variety of programs!

In-Home Inventory and Nutrition Education

  • A 2-hr visit to your home.
  • Inventory of your pantry and refrigerator contents.
  • Customized report based on Teri Cochrane's food recommendations and menu plan to include:
    • Better choices and substitutions for items you currently use
    • Suggested shopping list including brands where possible for Local grocery stores.
    • Additional suggestions for meals and snacks.
    • Additional recipes that work for you and your life style.
    • Education on apps and tools to make better food choices.

Grocery Store Visit

  • A 2-hr visit to one or more grocery stores.
  • Walk-through of key departments.
  • Written report on items which work with your nutrition plan.
  • Written suggested shopping list including brands where possible.
  • Handouts on ingredients to avoid.
  • Education on apps and tools to make better food choices.

On-Demand 1 on 1 Coaching

  • One 50-minute session designed to address a specific issue or subject.
  • Can include cooking demonstration and tasting.
  • E-mail session summary with recommendations.