See what my clients say about their journeys to wellness.

"Before working with Margo, I had had chronic diarrhea for about four months. I met with a gastroenterologist and he ordered a stool test and a breath test, for what he fervently believed was small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or SIBO. Both tests came back negative. He wanted to do a colonoscopy next but I thought that was too invasive and I turned to Margo for a holistic alternative. Margo conducted her own stool test which revealed a host of issues, including E-coli, a parasite, and the complete depletion of my healthy gut bacteria. None of this showed up on my GI’s stool test. Margo put me on a regimen of dietary supplements for 6 weeks. Within days my diarrhea was gone. Within two weeks I felt completely like myself again. I am now on a regimen of probiotics to maintain a healthy gut balance and I’ve never felt better. I am so grateful for Margo’s assistance healing my gut issues in a natural way!”



“Working with Margo has been a complete game changer for me and my family. We’ve learned more from her in just our initial meeting than in the 10 previous years of reading holistic and nutrition books and trying to follow a healthy holistic diet. In our “in home” consultation that followed she went through our home and showed us what we were doing right, what needed to change and she gave us the tools and guidance to be able to make the changes needed. She not only made it simple to understand but also to follow and provided us with the tools that have set us up for success. I know it’s a journey, but for the first time she has given us confidence that we are getting it right. Margo’s incredible depth of knowledge, with her ability to communicate to both me and my husbands plus her boundless enthusiasm sets her apart! We are grateful, happier, healthier and look forward to continuing to work with her. We would highly recommend Margo’s professional services to anyone! She will make in a difference in your life.”

Vivian and Steven L.

Alexandria, VA

“I pride myself on keeping up with nutrition news and I try to eat healthy so I was curious how much I could learn from Margo. The class was wonderful and I was amazed at how much I learned. Margo covers a lot of material and a lot of different subjects related to healthy eating but the material is really well laid out and Margo’s presentations were interesting and easy to follow. I really liked that she included recipes for things you might not otherwise eat because you wouldn’t otherwise know what to do with them - like kale, chia seeds or different grains like farro or bulgur. I also like that she cooked for us to sample different foods and also made recommendations about where to shop for certain things or showed us the better brand or options for a lot of different foods. I also liked that she had each of us come up with our own to do lists each week of a few changes we would try to make and then she would follow up with us. Because the class was small, we could also ask questions particular to our own specific concerns which was probably one of the best things about the class. For example, Margo got me to start eating fish which I normally don’t eat by giving some recipes to try that I really liked. The others in the group also had specific issues that Margo was able to address. Margo is extremely knowledgeable and very interested in helping. If someone had a question she didn’t know off the top of her head, she would check and get back to us. She also follows up by sending interesting links and checking on what we are doing. I would heartily recommend this to anyone interested in improving their diet and health.”

Marcia N.

McLean, VA

“I smugly thought that I was a really healthy eater because I don’t eat a lot of processed foods — how wrong I was! Thanks to the excellent sessions on nutrition that Margo Kirzhner has conducted, I now know the importance of buying organic and local. I have started buying a significant portion of my fruits and vegetables at farmer’s markets. If I need something that I can’t get there, I’ve adopted a strict policy of “buy organic or don’t buy it” — especially for the “Dirty Dozen” produce items. Margo introduced me to a number of vegetables that I’d never tried before, such as kale. I love it, and add it to smoothies, which is something else Margo has added to my “quick, healthy breakfast” repertoire.
I’ve also started buying higher quality free-range meats and my family has really noticed the difference in the taste. While they’re not yet willing to give up all of their processed foods like I have, they are enjoying the healthier dinners that I’ve been serving as a result of the education I’ve received from Margo. I have lost several pounds since I adopted Margo’s dietary recommendations. Even better, I’ve noticed that my body’s “problem areas” look firmer without any change in my level of exercise. I believe that I will continue the healthier habits that Margo has introduced me to because I look better and feel more energetic when I eat that way.”


McLean, VA

“I would like to highly recommend Margo’s Wellness group class. As a result of her class, I became more aware of the quality of the food that I eat and the toxins in my environment. I learned how mind, body and soul all play a role in maintaining my overall well-being. Thanks to the information provided by Margo, I have changed my life style to incorporate organic foods, and to be mindful of the source of what I put in my body from food, to water and the type of vitamins that I take. I am also aware of the environmental effects of the type of cleaning products that I use and their potential health hazards. Margo’s course helped me understand the effect of GMOs , pesticides , and other processed products on my health and wellbeing. She introduced a lot of useful resources such as apps, websites and articles that will help me find more information about my path to wellbeing. Thanks to Margo I have embarked on a journey to wellness for myself and my family. In today’s environment where we are surrounded by man made toxins; it is a blessing to have people like Margo to help us navigate our way to maintaining a healthy life style.”

Yassi H.

McLean, VA

“A good refresher and reminder of eating better and being more thoughtful about the choices I make and not just grabbing something because it’s easy and convenient.”

Robin HW

Bethesda, MD

“30-day cleanse participant: I love this program! I tried it last fall as a way to ease some stomach problems and jump start my weight loss. It was easy to gradually give up foods like gluten and diary, which helped me identify my lactose intolerance. The first week was tough (especially without caffeine!), but it was well worth it when I felt completely fresh, clear-headed, and without stomach aches and pains within the first ten days. I ended up losing ten pounds and keeping them off! I highly recommend this program!”

Olivia J

Washington DC

“The Program was extremely well organized and well presented and the handouts were excellent. Providing recipes is a good idea and made me more likely to try something. I thought I knew a lot but I learned that there is a lot that I do not know. It was easy to pick up a several good tips every week and it was easy to make some healthy changes and understand why- like eating the sprouted grains or understanding the importance of pasture raised cows. I have changed many of the things I buy and use as a result of the Program. I would strongly recommend the Program to others.”

Dana F.

Rockville, MD

“I like to cook (and love to eat) but I honestly didn’t know very much about nutrition until I took this 10-session course from Margo. What a huge eye-opener! I had no idea that the food industry in this country sells such poor-quality products. I also wasn’t aware of the toxins that permeate so much of our food, cosmetics, cleaning products, etc. As a direct result of the knowledge I’ve gained through this course, I have significantly improved the quality of the meals I serve my family. They’ve all commented on how much better my usual recipes taste now that I buy fresher, organic ingredients. My husband had cancer a few years ago, and I firmly believe that I can help keep him healthy for the long term by serving better quality food and reducing the toxins throughout our home. Margo introduced me to breakfast smoothies, which my husband and I now enjoy most mornings. It’s such an improvement on the sugary pastries he used to eat daily. My teenagers are typically concerned about their appearance. Thanks to this course, I’ve motivated them to make healthier choices in the school lunch line — or at least they say they do! Margo’s suggestions for adopting a healthier lifestyle are practical for busy people, which I really appreciate. She is never “preachy” like some nutritional zealots I’ve encountered in the media. I strongly believe that Margo has given me the tools I need to be a much healthier person for the rest of my life and to help my family members be healthier as well. I am very glad that I took this course, and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It was time well spent.”

M'Liz R.

McLean, VA