New Years Resolution – Putting on a New Coat

Its’ time for New Year’s resolutions – I am not a fan in general… I find that when my body and mind are ready to make a change, they usually do.  There is a song called “You Can’t Hurry Love”; my song is “You Can’t Hurry Change”.

Having said my peace about resolutions, I am going to try one this year – just because the cost of not doing it is too high for me – physically, spiritually and emotionally.  And more importantly, the cost of not doing it is high for those I love – my family, close friends, co-workers and clients.

If you are waiting for me to say that I am going to do something momentous – move, get a new job, stop preaching my health advice – you will be sorely disappointed.  My resolution is to wear a new coat every day – a purple one in my case.

I didn’t go to the store and buy a purple coat.  And I didn’t obsessively googlesearch all the sales looking for a great deal on one.  I didn’t have to – my coat is not literal; it’s figurative.  At a practitioner retreat this fall for the amazing functional medicine school I attend (, one of our teachers, Marilena Minucci ( gave me some advice which hit home – it caused me to have an AHA! moment.  She told me to get up tomorrow morning and put a new coat on.

Those that know me realize that I am genetically programmed to be a “glass half empty” person.  I am a worrier.  I ruminate about all the things in the past I can’t change.  I am anxious about all the things in the future which I can’t control.  I see the coming storm and ignore the rays of the sun coming through the dark clouds.  So the figurative coat I wear each day is usually black (as are most of the clothes in my closet). Marilena’s advice was so simple, that’s its almost laughable – she told me to get up each day and pick a different coat.  Leave the black one behind – it doesn’t fit me anymore.  And although she didn’t ask me to choose a color, I picked purple – it is a color I resonate with.

After the retreat, I told my kids about the coat.  They were supportive although somewhat skeptical – after all, I have tried this before.  I have been to many Hay House conferences, read spiritual awakening books, listened to podcasts on manifesting and in general have collected “positive thinking” advice for years.  I have taken supplements, done a hundred sessions of neurofeedback, tried tapping, wrote in a gratitude journal – you get the idea.

So this year, I will try again – this time with a new coat.  My new son-in-law asked me on thanksgiving which coat I was wearing that day – unfortunately it was black… His question was a great reminder that I need to get up each day and visualize myself in my happy purple coat; that no matter what obstacles I may face that day, my coat makes a difference.  And not only to me but to those I love.

So yes, “You Can’t Hurry Change” – but you can nudge it along.  For you it may be giving up soda or making an effort to eat more leafy greens.  Or perhaps it’s to clean up your personal care products or use a stainless steel water bottle instead of the plastic one you have.  Maybe you want to minimize the amount of processed, refined food you are eating or switch to organic dairy – one without all the harmful hormones and antibiotics.  Or perhaps you will download a meditation app to calm your system daily; or switch out your spinning class for restorative yoga.  All of these habits, whether as a New Year’s resolution or not, are positive and will surely contribute to your health.  But for me, the key thing to work on in 2018 is to wear my purple coat as much as I can.  Whenever I wear purple – I get compliments… So bring it on – when you see me wearing black, say something.  Remind me to wear my purple coat.  Support me as I make my way up the continuum of positivity.  And in return, I will help you with whatever change you prioritize this year.  And if I can’t, I will find someone or something that can.  I promise – that’s my purple coat talking!

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